Julija CH

Oil Painter julija mostykanova feeney
I was born in Lithuania, in 1980, in the little village of Pagegiai,
on the Baltic Sea. After graduating from high school, I became a
student of Design and Technology at the Kaunus University
of Technology but I quickly understood that this was not what I wanted.

In 2001, I came to the United States and I found my way to Nantucket Island
which with all its natural beauty has become my home and inspiration.

I am interested in color and form, sometimes it presents itself in
recognizable form and other times it’s more abstract.

My continuation of the ” Memory House Series” are works of my childhood home
that I paint from my memory. Often, my paintings are self-portraits
depicting current emotions and self-perception.

I do not seek to achieve a “literal” representation of the world but,
rather, to transform and reinvent it through imagination. I embrace
mood, drama and mystery in my work, conveying those “atmospherics,”
as best I can, through the interplay of light, and shadow and above all,
in the use of color. I attempt always to strike a balance between
immediacy and a kind of timeless resonance, between a freshness of
gesture and a careful layering of glaze and texture to build an “antique” depth.